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(read online) The Abduction of Emily Byrne BY Christine Power

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    Proofreading neededI liked the setting of this story I'll have to visit sometime The love story between Emily and Red was inconsistent At the end she said she bickered with him all the time when it seemed to me they got along fine during her

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It is 1858 and Gold Rush fever has hit Vancouver Island Canada The sleepy Hudson's Bay post at Fort Victoria of around 400 settlers is within weeks overwhelmed by tens of thousands of prospectors Emotions are volatile as men wait to venture over to the mainland and up the treacherous Fraser River to the gold fields There it is said gold may be plucked from the river beds Amongst them is Mrs Angelica Thomas abductor and procurer who has her own plans to obtain gold When she arrives her interest is caught by Emily Byrne Emily a spoilt and impulsive young woman has also recently arrived from England along with her mother Sarah who it transpires is pregnant by a man not her husband Having lived a privileged life in England Emily feels as though she has been dropped off the edge of civilization Their accommodation is p.

review The Abduction of Emily Byrne

The Abduction of Emily Byrne

Rimitive and the household help reduced to one local girl Worse still the village has only one shop from which they must buy everything from provisions to guns to cloth With no fashionable milliner nor a uality haberdashery Emily feels that she has been sentenced to a tedious and boring existence She spurns the attentions of Red a half breed who dresses in buckskins and moccasins In the excitement of the arrival of the first ship carrying hundreds of prospectors she glimpses and falls in love at first sight with a red coated Royal Engineer Lt Ryder who older and predatory encourages her infatuation by professing his undying love for her Already feeling betrayed and furious at being cuckolded by his wife Emily's father Jack Byrne after observing her flirting with the lieutenant savagely beats her Emily determined t.

review Ð eBook or Kindle ePUB Ï Christine Power

O make him sorry and now obsessed by the lieutenant who has been transferred to the mainland decides to stow away on a sternwheeler headed for the gold fields On board she is befriended by Rosie a kindly girl fleeing famine in Ireland and Sam an escaped slave More sinister are the intentions of Mrs Angelica Thomas who posing as a widow is not what she seems Emily's journey takes her through a spectacular wilderness by sternwheeler canoe portaging and horses through experiences that are at times turbulent and terrifying Emily's search for the lieutenant leads her through the most appalling experiences in the wilderness of British Columbia culminating in her being raped and enslaved Her abduction and her attempts to escape from those who have imprisoned her takes her to the depths of despair and unspeakable violence.

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