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[Wanderers Download] Ebook By Chuck Wendig – Epub and DOC

10 thoughts on “Wanderers

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    This audiobook is 32h long 32 HOURSNow let's see how the world ends

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    This reminds me a lot of The Stand In fact the author admits to it within the novel What Wendig doesn’t do is veer off

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    This fucking book I love long end of the world books How it ends doesn't matter to me This book has many comparisons to other books Please let that go The Stand and Swan Song are different animals If you compare Stand to Swan then you're a fucking idiot This story This fucking tale was bullshit I absolutely despised this crap I love

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    It's the end of the world and I feel uuurkkkLet me tell you something my fine folks I think I had fun reading this book than I have for ANY apocalypse book That's including the Stand Lucifer's Hammer or The Power And perhaps a few others that I rank higher than the restBut let me be clear I had the most fun with this I'm not saying it has MORE to gloam onto than the Stand but I had myself a few issues with t

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    Take a walk on the long sideThe premise of this book immediately grabbed my attention a teenager Shana wakes up to find her younger sister Nessie in trance walking out of their home and along the road She does not respond she does not blink just keeps putting one foot in front of the other hmmmmSoon Shana's sister is joined by walkers who will soon become a flock Interesting things happen needles cannot pierce their skin they shake violent

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    If you're reading this review it means that you're interested in my individual experience with this book WANDERERS I think it's safe to say that this is a highly anticipated release this year and it's certainly getting a ton of coverage So I'm going to honor the fact that you're taking a moment to see what I have to say a

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    This was a mammoth book and I feel a sincere sense of satisfaction for finishing I delayed reviewing because I needed some time to wrap my head around ALL THOSE WORDSHere goes ★★ Two guilty stars because I invested over a week into Wanderers and I have no OMG I HAVE TO TALK TO EVERYONE ABOUT THIS BOOK compulsion to sho

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    DNF page 300 Yes I’m still rating this book I slogged through a third of it — I’ve earned the right to give it my ratingWhat I need you the reader of this review to know is this book isn’t bad Chuck Wendig has crossed his ’s and dotted his t’s The writing is fine Many of my friends have given Wanderers a perfect score and I can understand why If you’re a fan of big apocalyptic? novels in which the author seems to jerk off to

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    thiswas arcstack before i got this beautiful 800 page beast in a slipcase no less fancy ARC why you so fancy? about a mysterious epidemic societal breakdown post event survival journeys across a shattered american landscape ie ALL OF MY JAMS sorry arcstack i think we have to have a talk

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    I received a free copy of this form NetGalley for reviewI’m generally rooting for the end of humanity these days but if the apocalypse is gonna involve this much walking then I’ll be pretty angry about it because I’d much rather sit on my ass while the asteroid hits or the nukes fly or the zombies start gn

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A decadent rock star A deeply religious radio host A disgraced scientist And a teenage girl who may be the world's last hopeShana wakes up one morning to discover her little sister in the grip of a strange malady She appears to be sleepwalking She cannot talk and cannot be woken up And she is heading with inexorable determination to a destination that only she knows. This reminds me a lot of The Stand In fact the author admits to it within the novel What Wendig doesn t do is veer off into the cartoonish which King at times has a tendency to do Don t let its length deter you It reads uickly and I finished it within three days Wendig wrestles with potent uestions here including the power of technology extreme prejudice the religious fa ade and violence of the Christian right morality and the crumbling of society What s he is able to inject into it both humor and the uirkiness of mankind If you liked The Stand I ll go out on a limb here you ll like this even

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But Shana and her sister are not alone Soon they are joined by a flock of sleepwalkers from across America on the same mysterious journey And like Shana there are other “shepherds” who follow the flock to protect their friends and family on the long dark road aheadFor on their journey they will discover an America convulsed with terror and violence where this apo. If you re reading this review it means that you re interested in my individual experience with this book WANDERERS I think it s safe to say that this is a highly anticipated release this year and it s certainly getting a ton of coverage So I m going to honor the fact that you re taking a moment to see what I have to say about it among the countless other reviews out there available to you There won t be any plot details here just my reading experiences and feelingsI want to leave all your own discoveries with this book intact should you choose to go on this epic journey for yourself You ll find this book being compared to iconic apocalyptic novels such as SWAN SONG by Robert McCammon and THE STAND by Stephen King People will want to know Is it as good asI d like to say that I will happily shelve this book right next to those two books as my favorite apocalyptic horror novels And I will recommend all three of them as suchIt s impossible to compare them I think it s ridiculous to even try They are all totally different and evoke different emotions as they are all written by talented individuals who express themselves in vastly different waysStephen King released THE STAND in the Fall of 78 I would say that THE STAND is a character driven story focusing on individual trials tribulations as protagonists and antagonists navigate through a post apocalyptic landscape Heavy themes of Good vs Evil with elements of fantasy horror Agent Bioterrorism gone awrySWAN SONG like 10 years later Robert McCammon uses nuclear war as a catalyst for destruction Also character driven as readers get to follow several different groups of protagonists and antagonists as they navigate through a post apocalyptic landscape Also heavy themes of Good vs Evil and like King McCammon utilizes elements of fantasy and horrorWANDERERS is 2019 like 30 years after both of those books It s the epic apocalyptic story of this generation of our time Sure generation after generation will enjoy this book just like we enjoyed King and McCammon s offerings so many years after their release but WANDERERS is only going to be THIS relevant right NOWSo it s exciting to weigh in on it as the intended audienceUnlike King and McCammon Wendig s agent of destruction is a total mystery for most of the book The jury is out so to speak on just how catastrophic things will get so this isn t a post apocalyptic story it s a real time chain of events leading up to what could be See why the comparisons are already sort of a misleading Big difference between Pre and Post apocalypseAlso Wendig doesn t employ any fantasy elements here This is where the rubber meets the road style realism Everything feels extremely authentic and plausible right down to each chapter having these social media blurbs in different formats that feel so real I actually wondered a few times if Wendig ripped them from his own Twitter feedLet me just pause for a second to highlight the fact that Chuck Wendig is a prolific social media guru and his knowledge of how the world utilizes and empowers social media enhances the authenticity of this novel in a powerful way I felt like everything was not only possible but probably actually HAPPENING in some ways lending itself to the credibility and believability If you re at all familiar with Chuck s writing I strongly recommend the Miriam Black series you already know that Wendig writes in a compelling style that feels addictive Once you re hooked the pages don t stop turning and you ll be hard pressed to find a good place to drop that bookmark In a book as thick as this one the pace is a welcomed delight nobody wants to slog through hundreds of pagesRight around the halfway point I wondered if Chuck was going to deliver some horror or if this was going to rest comfortably as a solid apocalyptic sci fi urban thriller and I will say that Chuck s antagonist delivers This book explores a horror that lingers around the edges of our modern times that if left unchecked presents a very serious and dangerous threat We face manifestations of this threat every day Chuck s antagonist personifies our political climate in a plethora of ugly shocking ways Terrifying to say the leastLastly there is one common thread one valid comparison besides genre and SIZE that I found runs through this book SWAN SONG and THE STAND religion faithI love the way King and McCammon wove it through their stories and I also really enjoyed Wendig s use of it too The chapters with the Preacher were some of my favorites his character arc and evolution is powerful storytelling I appreciate what Wendig did thereSo there you have it My uniue and individual thoughts among the fray I applaud everything Chuck set out to do with this book it s a treasure and I thank him for itI loved my time with WANDERERS and I m sad it s over

Characters × PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Chuck Wendig

Calyptic epidemic proves less dangerous than the fear of it As the rest of society collapses all around them–and an ultraviolent militia threatens to exterminate them–the fate of the sleepwalkers depends on unraveling the mystery behind the epidemic The terrifying secret will either tear the nation apart–or bring the survivors together to remake a shattered wor. DNF page 300 Yes I m still rating this book I slogged through a third of it I ve earned the right to give it my ratingWhat I need you the reader of this review to know is this book isn t bad Chuck Wendig has crossed his s and dotted his t s The writing is fine Many of my friends have given Wanderers a perfect score and I can understand why If you re a fan of big apocalyptic novels in which the author seems to jerk off to some sort of uasi Springsteenian sense of America you know where most of the people who dot the landscape are white moderate liberals and the only thing you have to fear is cornfed hicks in MAGA hats then maybe this will work for you As for me I m done Chuck Wendig seems to play dress up here he s trying to look a little like Stephen King a bit like Robert McCammon maybe a touch like Michael Crichton But in the end he looks like a big goof What is this book trying to say I made it three hundred pages and I still don t know The epidemic the cause of the apocalypse uotation marks used to indicate there s really a whole lotta nothin going on here in this lard ass story is a bunch of characters one day begin sleepwalking together As a group The group grows by day and scientists are stunned Is it a disease Group hypnosis I m a patient reader but I can take only so much of a bunch of paper thin disease control specialists sitting around and spitballing theories As for the Walkers themselves the reader gets to know none of them None Why should I care what befalls them The head Walker is the little sister of a main character another cardboard cutout and two of the main characters briefly interview the wife of another Walker Out of a group of hundreds the reader is aware at all of only two The author failed to make me connect with these characters and he failed to bring to life this outbreak this apparent tragedy And c mon a sleepwalking epidemic is no nuclear war or superflu And this is Chuck Wendig so of course there s politics and apparently this guy doesn t know satire because Ed Creel is Donald Trump and Nora Hunt is Hillary Clinton and it s painfully obvious but Wendig seems to think he s clever Of course Hunt the current President sits on her hands and and fails to act but is generally given leeway by the characters despite doing well nothing meaningful At least in the first few hundred pages Meanwhile all Creel supporters are written as backwoods know nothing rednecks Yawn The politics like most everything else in this novel comes off as shallow easy snappy This is fodder for your airplane ride at best I m tired of some mainstream male horror writers writing only in black and white This shit is why I muted Chuck Wendig on Twitter long ago This book is a big nothing Whatever It didn t work for me If it works for you fantastic I m glad sincerely I m just let down

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