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Ferred to as individuation In describing such encounters the author extensively explains the idea of Jung’s psychological types“ Meier has a gift of expressing the most complex concepts simply this book will not only enrich the natural scientist but act as an unfailing guide to the increasing hordes of lost people in search of a soul in a world that has forfeited its meaning” Sir Laurens van der PostProfessor CA Meier has practiced as a psychiatrist and psych.

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Otherapist in Switzerland since 1936 A co founder of the CG Jung Institute in Zurich he also served as its first president As successor to CG Jung he held the Chair of Honorary Professor of Psychology at the Swiss Federal Technical Institute and co founded the Clinic and Research Center for Jungian Psychology Zürichberg in 1964 His numerous books and articles have made uniue contributions to the understanding and practice of psychotherapy through much of this centur.

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The world famous psychiatrist and pioneer of the unconscious Carl Gustav Jung never produced a systematic treatment of his own work – he was always moving forward And so it became the life task of his assistant of many decades Carl Alfred Meier to gather and present in detail the various aspects of his far reaching discoveries This final volume of Meier’s work addresses the human personality in its encounters between consciousness and the unconscious a process re.

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