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S is thus meticulously laid bare and at the mercy of its government The Palace of Dreams is Kadare's macabre vision of tyranny and oppression and was banned upon publication in Albania in 198. The Palace of Dreams written in Tirana between 1976 and 1981 takes us into an entirely different universe set at the fictitious crossroads of a 20th century dictatorship and the 14th century Ottoman Empire Characters from those ancient times mix with contemporary characters state employees and office clerks reminiscent of Kafka s world in a bureaucratic labyrinth identical to any other bureaucracy save for its purpose to collect sort interpret and finally choose the Master dream of all the dreams dreamt throughout the Empire and to decipher in it the fate of the Empire and of its rulers The Palace of Dreams incorporates the traits of all powerful secret institutions one cannot help think of the Sigurimi the Albanian Secret Police of the Communist era as well as the characteristics of an almost Totemic figure a Kafkaesue Castle whose rules no one can figure out Kadare himself has declared that this is probably his best novel from a literary standpoint and very likely his most courageous an opinion the Albanian Communist regime must have agreed with considering that shortly after its release the novel was banned But Kadare s genius is such that in the end the Palace of Dreams has no precise signification except that revealed by its name It is a fabulous otherworldly place where the real world doesn t exist sleep is reality s only substance and it isn t the real as we know from Freud that brings the dream into being but the other way around Thus at the end of the novel one of the dreams that the main character Mark Alem uprili who works at the Palace sorted and filed at the beginning of the novel makes an unexpected appearance literally acting upon the present and causing the drama the reader has been anticipating all along

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Nëpunësi i Pallati it të Endrrave

Tizen are collected sorted and interpreted in order to identify the 'master dreams' that will provide the clues to the Empire's destiny and that of its Monarch An entire nation's consciousnes. The Palace of Dream by Ismail KadareIf Kafka s The Castle and Orwell s 1984 got freaky with it and had a baby the result would be Kadare s The Palace of Dreams Karade is an Albanian and I would argue that the Palace of Dreams belongs to the long and productive tradition of subversive communist literature that cleverly disguises its critiue in a novel about the fantastic Karade s subversion isn t so disguised it kind of hits in the face but he s Albanian and not a Russian and he lives in France but the novel is of this type The Palace of Dreams is a monolithic government agency that feels like it comes out of Orwell or the movie Brazil The agency s mission is to gather and interpret the dreams of all the citizens The protagonist Mark Alem gets assigned to a mid level position in Selection The job of Selection is to to choose the dreams that are worthy of Interpretation from those that are garbage Mark Alem starts at a mid level position because his family is second in the land only to the Sultan the book is set in the Ottoman Empire but this time period is of little conseuence The Palace itself feels like Kafka s The Castle It is a labyrinth in which Mark Alem is constantly lost and he winds up turning corners to find himself face to face with busy bureaucrats and big desks As he spends his time in Selection of the Palace is revealed It is by design mysterious Everyone works at their position but few know to what end It is revealed to him that there is a Master Dream that is of interest to the Sultan The Master Dream has something to do with major political events such as assassinations and wars and has existed and interpreted for hundreds of years After of the Palace is revealed Mark Alem goes to work one day and finds himself promoted into the division of Interpretation In Interpretation he reads several dreams and in particular one he choose earlier from Selection to be interpreted Little of the dream is discussed but it has to do with a bridge a raging bull and a fire In a nut shell the story follows the life of Mark Alem as a bureaucrat in the Palace He works he has coffee breaks he files papers and he discusses his work with his family despite the fact that he is supposed to be secretive Underlying the Palace and the prose is a tension Everyone works but because they do not know to what end and because they are forced to be secretive everyone is paranoid and second guesses their selections and interpretations Then one day it all changes His family is raided by the secret Police Their servants are killed and his Uncle is arrested Mark Alem feels his family may know why but he is left in the dark He goes to work the next day and the Palace is a buzz in whispered gossip The bureaucrats all talk of what happened to Mark Alem s family The next day there is retaliation Mark Alem s family second in the nation has retaliated in assignations and political moves Mark Alem finds him again promoted but his time into a directors position As a director he has the access to research what has happened He discovers that the dream he Selected and Interpreted was a part of the Master Dream and predicted a power struggle between his family and the Sultan His family would gain power at the cost of his Uncle s life Mark Alem wonders if he were planted by his family to Select and Interpret the Master Dream He wonders if it was a coincidence that he is now a man in power or that if he were set up to be handed the Master Dream and raised to Interpret it as such He wonders and he waits for he knows one day the secret police will come and take him Until that time he continues to workIsmail Karade said that he wanted to create vision of hell I would say that he succeeded Mark Alem s life is directionless mundane and worst all he waits in ignorance of a when horrible future will catch up to him I think that having the knowledge that the future will be bad but not knowing when or how is one of the worst feelings of all time It creates anticipation and expectation and these feelings are often powerful than the reality itself At the same time Mark Alem s life is mundane and pointless He is not waiting for death by living an exciting fun life he is waiting for death by barely getting by in isolation and paranoia It is a hell a very modern and distinct vision The only critiue I could offer is that this reality of hell is present but that the emotion behind those feelings isn t well captured The book is not character driven but setting driven But I don t consider this a bad thing but a good choice The setting The Palace of Dreams is ultra cool The prose is uick and fun Together those elements make this a fun book to read The result is that Karade captures a modern hell in a fun way and that makes this a really great book

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Translated by Barbara Bray from the French version of the Albanian by Jusuf VrioniAt the heart of the Sultan's vast empire stands the mysterious Palace of Dreams Inside the dreams of every ci. This is another fascinating story from Ismail Kadare It is a story of the uprilis Turkish Koprulu a noble Albanian family and the Tabir Sarrail the Palace of Dreams a government ministry which wields great unbridled power It reads very much like magical realism but is set against a historical backdropSet in the time of the Ottoman Empire the influential and respected uprili family had illustrious members who were Viziers and other important officials Not so for Mark Alem who was rather insignificant without much talent or gumption What he did have was a maternal uprili inheritance but counterbalanced by an Arabic paternal descent He is thrust into a highly sought after career at the Tabir Sarrail The task of the Tabir is to classify and examine the dreams of all citizens without exception The premise is that Allah sends a forewarning to the world through dreams which may come from anybody The Tabir has to sift out ordinary dreams as well as the fake news dreams leaving only the potentially important ones and to interpret these selected dreams Distilled at the end are Master Dreams which determine the future of the empireThe Tabir is a labyrinth of hallways and rooms filled with thousands of nameless staff who stick to fixed routines and run like clockwork It is in this Orwellian environment that the addlepated Mark Alem has to not only survive but to thrive That they collect sort and analyse dreams seems rather odd and could only be allegorical Also symbolic is how Mar Alem keeps losing his way in the Tabirview spoilerThe story is like a game of chess With gambits and sacrifices from both sides of the board It becomes obvious later that the push for Mark Alem is politically motivated Like on a chess board he starts as a lowly pawn from the bottom and gets slowly advanced all the way to the back row to convert to a important chess pieceThere is nothing endearing about Mark Alem but one feels sorry for him as he gets swept along by politics While he had no outstanding ability or wisdom he had insight into his situation Even at the pinnacle of his career he still understood that it could all be taken away just as easily as it came hide spoiler

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    ”Mark Alem pressed on his mouth dry despite his attempts to reassure himself After all what did it really matter if he did get lost? He wasn

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    I wonder why so few people have read this novel because it's uite amazing I can't say that it's completely original because it reminded me of Kafka The Castle and Saramago All the Names but imagining an institution where people's dreams are analyzed That is a brilliant idea masterfully developed by Ismail KadaréMark Alem comes from a powerful Albanian family the uiprili Köprülü and his relatives decide that he should apply for a job at

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    This is another fascinating story from Ismail Kadare It is a story of the uprilis Turkish Koprulu a noble Albanian family and the Tabir Sarra

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    The Palace of Dream by Ismail KadareIf Kafka's The Castle and Orwell's 1984 got freaky with it and had a baby the result would be Kadare's The

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    Kadare's metaphor for a monolithic police state and its workings Set in the late 19th century Ottoman Empire I figured this out from s

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    The uniue idea at the heart of this story is instantly intriguing Mark Alem scion of the powerful uprili family is given a job at a prestigious institution the Tabir Sarrail or Palace of Dreams Transcriptions of citizens' dreams are collected here in their thousands then pored over analysed and interpreted for indications that they contain some divine prediction a message of glory or doom for the Empire The e

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    I put this book down in complete awe I remember feeling the same when I put down Chronicle in Stone Kadare is an amazing wri

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    In this spare novel Ismail Kadare creates a metaphor for the police state A young distaff scion of a family powerful enough to rival the leaders of Ottoman Empire is given a job in the Palace of Dreams Here a huge machinery gathers the dreams from around the Empire It copies sorts interprets sifts and archives themJust as a though

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    The Palace of Dreams written in Tirana between 1976 and 1981 takes us into an entirely different universe set at the fictitious crossroads of a 20th century dictatorship and the 14th century Ottoman Empire Characters from those ancient times mix with contemporary characters—state employees and office clerks reminiscen

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    it has disappointed me most of all the end there is so much open things at the end wich lets you the feeling of emptinessAt the begining the complicated description of the Tabir Saray and how it works was so delightful the idea of compilate all the dreams and trying to find the meaning is great the complicated society government and the way of working reminded me to George Orwell 1984 The powerful family wich the main character h

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