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TXT Face of the Ancient Orient Reading online

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    Although it is 50 years old I found this survey very compelling My son got me the board game Civilization for Christmas which employs most of th

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    Very informative and relatively easy to get through for an old history book

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REVIEW ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Sabatino Moscati

Make sense of several enormously important discoveries from the mid twentieth century including the discovery of Ugarit a Syrian city that flourished for 4000 years; the unearthing of Mari an eually important city of ancient Mesopotamia; and the discovery of the Dead Sea ScrollsProfessor Moscati begins with a chapter on the Oriental Renaissance and goes on to examine the Sumerians Babylonians Assyrians Egyptians Hittites Hurrians Canaanites Aramaeans Israelites and Persians before offering in the final chapter a synthesis of Near Eastern ac.

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Face of the Ancient Orient

Complishments in politics society literature and the arts His conclusion is that the civilizations of the ancient Orient were a tremendous human experience without which another subseuent civilization would not be conceivable One of the great pleasures of this intriguing book is its delightful sampling of illustrative uotations from primary sources some from the Bible and many others often with strikingly biblical intonations from the little known writings of Sumer Egypt Hurria and the other great civilizations that prefigured Greece and Ro.

REVIEW ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Sabatino Moscati

A lucid intelligent and lively summation an appetizing and stimulating introduction to the study of man's early civilizations ScienceThis fascinating lively study praised by the American Historical Review as a valuable introduction perhaps the best available in English to the ancient Near Eastern civilizations is essential reading for history students and for anyone interested in the development of Western civilization The author who was director of the Center of Semitic Studies at the University of Rome undertook the study in order to.

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