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PDF [Saatleri Ayarlama Enstitüsü Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar] historical romance clean

  • Paperback
  • 330
  • Saatleri Ayarlama Enstitüsü
  • Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar
  • English
  • 08 July 2018
  • 9781892381033

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    On Turkish SarcasmI have reached a stage in my life at which almost everything I read provokes memories of things I have done many of them toe curling in their naive arrogance This is not always therefore a welcome experience But it is also often instructiveIn my younger days a thoughtless ambition led me to accept a position as a senior ex

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    Spectacular Turkish modernist novel with all the ingredients ennui noia boredom bourgeois desperation Viennese psychoanalysis Kafkaesue bureaucracy paranoia about internationalization absurdism The plot turns on the idea that people could become interested in synchronizing their watches if only they had the use

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    Saatleri Ayarlama Enstitüsü The Time Regulation Institute Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Ender GürolIt began serialization in a newspaper in 1954 It was first published as a book in 1961 An English translation by Ender Gürol was published in 2001 by the Turco Tatar Press The main character is Hayri İrdal who narrates the novel and presents it like a memoir The novel discusses his and other people's formation of the Time Re

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    More than fifty years after its publication in Turkey and its author’s death the 400 page novel The Time Regulation Institute by Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar is available in English for the first time Let me start by praising its

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    I think this book is really a good example of black humor A lots of notions in the book has been criticized by the Author like independent bureaucracy modernity sociological phenomenas etc The chapter which is about establishment of the institute maybe the most remarkable part for me This part about a new country's economy which is trying to

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    I laid my hopes into “The Time Regulation Institute” as a classic of modern Turkish literature even before I started reading the novel which I know is wrong But in this case my expectations were even topped Due to its protagonist and narrator this novel could primarily be described as picaresue Hayri Irdal lacks education is poor clumsy

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    a The third novel from Turkey that I've found in this little Turkeyshaped rabbit hole I've fallen downb My second from Tanpınar don't ask me about orthography and pronunciation I'm a bit at a loss ; but there's a helpful

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    35 starsFor some reason I didn't connect with this book at all I mean I absolutely get the allegorical representation of Turkish society and government but I feel like some parts were way too long and way too deta

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    A paean to a lost world 'The Time Regulation Institute' explores Turkey just as it is about the cross the threshold from the Ottoman

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    As most of you know I spend a lot of my time reading horror But I’m also always on the lookout for literary fiction that has a heart The Time Regulation Institute by Ahment Hamdi Tanpinar is just such a bookHow this book came to be published in English is almost as interesting as the story itself Released 50 years ago in Turkey The Time

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Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Ó 1 READ

Saatleri Ayarlama Enstitüsü

Ublic figures who could be found in any city in Turkey or perhaps any Eastern setting where the old way of life adopts new and Western counterparts Ahmet H Tanpinar's portrayal of modern post Ottoman Tu. I laid my hopes into The Time Regulation Institute as a classic of modern Turkish literature even before I started reading the novel which I know is wrong But in this case my expectations were even topped Due to its protagonist and narrator this novel could primarily be described as picaresue Hayri Irdal lacks education is poor clumsy and mostly a walking disaster Although the novel is formally divided into four sections in approximately the first half of it we hear about a series of events and anecdotes in which the protagonist s takes on the role of Wile E Coyote walking straight into even the most bizarre mishaps His hazardous episodes including an undead aunt a treasure hunt necromancy and some first takes on psychoanalysis had me laughing tears But as the narrative continues this collective madness becomes less and less funny and rather starts triggering anger and despair Remember how angry one feels while reading The Trial Well this is it It is very Kafkaesue Especially since the second half of the novel introduces the character of Halit Ayarc and the founding of the Time Regulation Institute At that point the setting and time frame become maybe even the most significant elements of the story Turkey is in its political and social transition from the Oriental Ottoman country to a modern European republic That unstable era opens up the possibility for Halit Ayarc the sly and manipulative entrepreneur to emerge or maybe even creates him With a talent to make one trust his word than the own common sense Halit establishes the Time Regulation Institute as a body of highest significance for state progress As the events focus on the Institute the order depicted becomes somewhat of a mixture of Kafka s bureaucracy and Monty Python s Flying Circus The lunacy infiltrated in all segments of life creates among other things experts trying to establish their field of work by analysing their titles and job descriptions or a complete elimination of control since where there is no control there can be no mistakes etc The novel offers a very sophisticated perspective Hayri Irdal is anything but pleasant being selfish irresponsible lazy very easily influenced and a drinker But with all of that he is still not appalling at all That is a brilliant move since everything we see as readers we see from his perspective but still have enough distance to have a different view on characters and circumstances than the protagonist And I believe that such a delicately conducted double view for the reader is the highest of skills The Time Regulation Institute is than anything a document of a country in a time of social and political decline and change In that field and in so many ways it reminded me again and again of Robert Musil s The man without ualities But unlike it this novel reads effortlessly and shows an intelligent and sophisticated sense of bizarre humour


Rkey weaves a theater of the absurd suggestively representative of the early days of the young Republic This translation is introduced by an essay by the late Berna Moran a leading Turkish literary crit. 35 starsFor some reason I didn t connect with this book at all I mean I absolutely get the allegorical representation of Turkish society and government but I feel like some parts were way too long and way too detailed for my taste I get why this is a modern classic and I absolutely think the insight into the bureaucratic organization of Turkey is done uite well but it was too Kafka like Unfortunately not my type of classical literature I did have to write an essay on this book so don t think I haven t analyzed it and thought about it for uite some time

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Old Istanbul aristocrats Turkish teashops imperial diamonds and great and humble mosues are juxtaposed with the almost non descriptive portrayals of neighborhood friendships family relations and local p. On Turkish SarcasmI have reached a stage in my life at which almost everything I read provokes memories of things I have done many of them toe curling in their naive arrogance This is not always therefore a welcome experience But it is also often instructiveIn my younger days a thoughtless ambition led me to accept a position as a senior executive of an international stock exchange This was a profound error on their part as well as mine I assumed the job would benefit by my interest in abstract thinking they thought I would be good at corporate politics We all were enmired in our own fantasiesConseuently there were few happy professional moments But there was one I had written a letter to the managing director of the Istanbul Stock Exchange suggesting a meeting to explore the possibility for a joint venture in the trading of financial options In response I was invited for a weekend visit Right up my street I thought There is nothing abstract not even uantum physics than options theory and I d have two full days to pontificate on the subjectMy experience had been that finance types tend to be part of their own uniue global culture They know they re selling largely hot air like options theory so they tend to overcompensate by adopting an attitude of confident aloofness and even disdain for the non financial aspects of human existence things like art and philosophy and non instrumental relationships including families I had learned the drill and was determined to meet professional expectationsSo putting on my finance game face I walked out of Customs at Atat rk Airport and was met by a delegation of three Exchange executives and bundled off to a venue whose name I can t remember but which could certainly rival the Topkapi for elegance An elaborate dinner was served organized I presumed for my visit although this was never made explicit Most remarkable however was that the space was populated not just with exchange officials but also with their respective wives and children including infants in arms For the rest of the evening we talked and ate and listened to an excellent local ensemble and never once mentioned finance much less financial optionsThe entire weekend was a continuation of the same themes families food and interesting conversations A boat trip a city tour several museum visits and a half dozen T rk mutfa restaurants but not a word about business At my departure the same little band which had met me waved me off Although we all had seemed to get along well there was no further interest expressed by the Turks in cooperation I wrote a standard thank you note but received no reply Decades later it still wasn t clear to me whether I had spoilt a potential deal if deal there was to be done or been subject to a very civilized very kind very enjoyable send upReading Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar with an excellent introduction by his translators provides some clues which I think unlock the hidden meaning of my experience Turkish sarcasm is a wonder to behold if Tanpinar is representative of the genre It is witty but gentle and civil and although very very sharp it is not overtly disrespectful It is obviously a highly developed style through which to communicate to power without incurring its wrath at least when it is produced by the pen of someone as skillful as Tanp nar I think I might well have been exposed to this style on my short junket with a similar intent to that of Tanpinar in The Time Regulation Institute namely to put me or likely the institution I represented in my place without the slightest impropriety bad taste or overt hint of malice I suspect my hosts were as practiced socially in this as Tanpinar is in his art I now can see myself then as an avatar of Tanpinar s protagonist and narrator Hayri Irdal an hapless senior executive of the Time Regulation Institute which is eerily similar to the institution of international finance that I represented Both are impositions on the natural cultures of the world by which I mean that organic set of relationships which develop their own reason and reasons without any central direction Like the eponymous Time Regulation Institute the financial institutions of the world set enforce and manage arbitrary conventions of value entirely in their own interests Also like the Institute these financial institutions are supported by a complex establishment of academics social scientists and administrators whose careers depend on their political dominance To achieve this they insist relentlessly on the reality of their conventionsI am struck for example by Tanpinar s characters who write learned articles with titles like The Effect of the North Wind upon the Regulation of Cosmic Time and Time and Psychoanalysis My financial colleagues were writing euivalent pieces about Future Investment Opportunities and the Value of the Call Provision on a Bond and Empirical Studies in Portfolio Performance Using Higher Degrees of Stochastic Dominance None of these are benign much less objective intellectual achievements As Hayri Irdal says You must agree that it would be unthinkable to describe things as they are Finance theorists just as Tanpinar s theorists of time like to claim that they have simply revealed truths which have always controlled our lives By raising awareness of these truths they maintain the conceit that they are promoting human rationality and therefore the orderliness and efficiency of society Their ideas may appear new sometimes even foolish only because of their unfamiliarity in daily life Or so they would like the world to believe mainly because it hides the way they make their living which is by controlling the standards by which value is measuredTanpinar lays out the scam succinctly in his parody of time inspection The accuracy of clocks is a legal duty of the Time Regulation Institute Fines are payable for any timepieces that are registering either fast or slow according to the nearest public clock If said timepiece is in proximity to than one public clock and there should happen to be disagreement among them there are set procedures in place to protect the integrity of the system of time as a whole and to ensure that fines are still paid uite simply time like financial value is what some authority says it is Any deviation is punishable without limitThe situation is analogous to that of financial value as indicated by different methods of calculation in different markets all of which are arbitrary Goldman Sachs for example has a sophisticated statistical model which it uses to value the options it sells to its customers These customers are unaware of the details of this model since it is a proprietary secret So they are actually buying the model not some associated options contract Ratings agencies have different models as do government regulators and other financial institutions As a matter of convention all of these diverse sources are correct in principle despite their discrepancies from each other Whichever model is sold the hardest becomes the industry standard and defines value until its arbitrary conventionality becomes obvious as it did in the financial crisis of 2007 The fines are paid by the customersTime and money The we become accustomed to the fixed conventional reality of these two somewhat illusive concepts as presented by the likes of Hayri Irdal or Goldman Sachs or well me the fulfilling our lives will be For a person to obey the minute hand of a watch or to submit to the iron laws of financial efficiency is to follow immaculate pathways bringing him ever closer to the dream of eternal bliss Time and money Different names for the same spiritual journey toward social bliss the nexus is in language Control the language and one controls the culture Tanpinar knew that this is what Atat rk was up to with his insistence on uniform ideas of time among many other things in his modernization of the Turkish state after the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire The Chinese know this in the radical transformation of their society using financial theory which asserts a uniform calculation of the value of money The rest of the world suffers cultural deterioration largely in silenceIt reuires a certain attitude toward one s fellows to want to control language in this way Goldman Sachs has it as does Donald Trump and Hayri Irdal who summarizes it well I began to look at people with eyes that wondered Now what use could he be to us and to see life as dough that could be kneaded by my own two hands I don t think it s too far fetched to say that my Turkish hosts saw me as having just this attitude as well To communicate that directly would have been ineffective in educating me and likely offensive So I was treated to a justly deserved dose of what I take to be Turkish Sarcasm It has reuired than three decades to decipher what they probably intended I think I ll write another note of thanks permits apologetic than my last oneSee for example and

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