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Tart furnaces that break down a pugnacious corner bully household help that never stays and a patient capable hu. This is an hilarious autobiographical account of Shirley Jackson and her husband raising 2 then 3 then 4 children in a small Vermont town I listened to the audio version narrated by Lesa Lockford and I thought she was excellentThis has to be the funniest audiobook I ve ever heard It consists of vignettes regarding daily life such as a bus trip to the store for school clothes with 3 children a doll carriage a doll etc or a game of musical chairs except it involves a sick household and beds instead of chairs Somehow Shirley threads all of these short stories into a narrative that I think most mothers will relate to even though it took place in the 1940 s written in the 50 sIt s difficult to believe that this is the same author of some of my favorite books The Haunting of Hill House because the tone and style is so different What is the same is the master level of story telling landing you right in the house among the savages 4 stars for the story 1 additional star for the wonderful narration Highly recommendedYou can buy your copy here

characters Life among the Savages

Life among the Savages

This is a memoir of Shirley Jackson's family's life in rural Vermont Children who won't behave cars that won't s. Reading Road Trip 2020Current location VermontAs obsessed as I ve been with Shirley Jackson for the past two years of my life you d have thought she d have been my first choice for the state of Vermont Foolishly she wasn tMany of Ms Jackson s novels indicate a New England setting but most of them could be set just as easily on Mars Given that and given how many of her stories I d already read I set out to read THREE different novels set in the state of Vermont that all SUCKED before finally remembering two Shirley Jackson memoirs I had never touched I uickly ran back to ShirleyPersonally I think the two best books coming out of Vermont are The Haunting of Hill House and We Have Always Lived in the Castle I don t think Hill House ever declares an official state setting but Castle does and they were both written by Jackson from her house in Vermont Jackson was not a Vermont native but it s an aspect of her story that makes her impression of locals even that much entertaining As a child everything I learned about Vermont came from the show Newhart Bob Newhart s sitcom about a couple from NYC who decide to head to Vermont to run an inn From what I recall of the show it was almost perpetually snowing every time a character looked out the window or opened the front door and everyone who worked at the inn or stayed at the inn indicated the stereotype of the Vermont resident uirky stoic hard workingShirley Jackson does nothing to dispel such stereotypes here in her memoir She and her husband Stanley Edgar Hyman relocated to Vermont after finding NYC unaffordable and they decided to rent a huge house that someone made available to them for an unusually low amount It is here that the Hymans settle down to make baby after baby after baby after baby and count out their nickels and dimes with Shirley commenting on her colorful neighbors and her own colorful inability to fit in anywhere properly This is a uniue snapshot of family life in the early 1950s and wow is it different from today Shirley and her husband Stanley despite being a couple on the rise have no real clout or social standing in this small New England town Their neighbors do not give a rat s ass who either of them are and the residents become almost a cast of characters in their own right most of them with their hand outstretched to receive their NICKEL for paymentMoney is a constant theme here or lack of money The Hymans are broke the Hymans can t stop making babies was it the last name and the Hymans can t stop smoking those cigarettes or drinking that damn brandy You can NOT believe how cheap everything is or I could not Granted it was the early 50s and it was a small town in Vermont but it is truly staggering to me that you could pay for things like milk bread and gas with a handful of pennies Let me tell you what has NOT changed though the invalidation of women I was positively sickened by how Shirley Jackson an educated woman a writer a mother of multiple children was treated like a child herself by almost everyone car mechanics school teachers medical staff plumbers Given the fact that I have spent the past seven weeks with a rather threatening medical condition and I have been treated like an idiot by almost every doctor save two that I ve encountered this month I can not STAND IT how women are invalidated especially by medical staff I have actually been denied important testing this month because the assumption was made that it was just a case of NERVES I might have been better weeks ago had I been taken seriouslyAnd here was Shirley Jackson 70 years ago being checked in by the desk clerk at the hospital to deliver a baby Age she asked Sex Occupation Writer I said Housewife she said Writer I said I ll just put down housewife she said Husband s name she said Address Occupation Just put down housewife I said I don t remember his name really Legitimate What I said Is your husband the father of this child Do you have a husband Please I said plaintively can I go on upstairs Well really she said and sniffed You re only having a babyI hope you can see by this example how Shirley was treated as a woman and how FUNNY she continues to be no matter the circumstance I don t remember his name reallyThis book reveals Shirley s inspiration for many of her stories and I smiled like a nutter throughout the whole readIt s not all inspiring or funny there are several sections filled with the minutiae of housekeeping and as I mentioned above a fixation on prices and lists but this is one helluva time capsule and when Shirley Jackson mentions that she tends to make breakfast for the kids while smoking a cigarette so she can jump start her day I just about died of joyTurns out my fantasy is true The Lottery and Other Stories

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Sband who remains lovingly oblivious to the many thousands of things mothers and wives accomplish every single d. I first read this in 5th or 6th grade and have probable read it four times in all I just knew I was going to have children like hers I did

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    Reading Road Trip 2020Current location VermontAs obsessed as I've been with Shirley Jackson for the past two years of my lif

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    Kids do the darndest things but only a master writer can make child rearing anecdotes enjoyable for all audiences For that reason I actually think Life Among the Savages and its seuel Raising Demons prove Shirley Jackson an histori

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    If I could adopt a parent it woul

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    This is an hilarious autobiographical account of Shirley Jackson and her husband raising 2 then 3 then 4 children in a small Vermont town I listened to the audio version narrated by Lesa Lockford and I thought s

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    The illimitable Shirley Jackson is smoking a cigarette in the taxicab on the way to the hospital to deliver her third child When she arrives she tells the desk clerk that she’s a writer Housewife says the clerk Writer says Shirley Jackson Th

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    Right up front I will admit to never having read a Shirley Jackson novel The Lottery was a short story assigned in school but that's it I'm not a fan of horror even when it's well written But memoir I can get behind especially when it's funny This was screamingly funny The conversations with her children the things they did her reactions to them dealing with housework and meal preparation and budgeting money;

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    I first read this in 5th or 6th grade and have probable read it four times in all I just knew I was going to have children like hers I did

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    OUR HOUSE is old and noisy and full When we moved into it we had two children and about five thousand books; I expect that when we finally overflow and move out again we will have perhaps twenty children and easily half a million books On Naming of namesIt was when Jannie was very nearly five that the uestion of her name became desperately important When she was born her father wanted to name her Jean and I

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    35 stars Life Among the Savages is a collection of comic essays by Shirley Jackson originally published in women’s maga

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    RereadEven as a kid I found this book funny even laugh out loud funny and laughing out loud while reading is something I rarely do The first time I read it and its seuel I was struck by the differences of 1940s life from my own; this time I noted the similaritiesEarly readers of Jackson’s so called domestic writings and early fans of her novels and short stories were two separate groups and both had a hard time recon

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