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Mae a blackjack dealer in a Las Vegas casino spends her free time wandering the desert with a rifle or sitting in her trailer obsessively watching replays of an old lover escaping the wreckage of 911. In Bell s early acks he states that his muses are daemons and that this story is proof He writes that this is the most vicious and appalling story ever to pass through my hand so inevitably some people will hate it I did not hate it despite being a reader who avoids graphic writing I will never read American Psycho When I saw that it was centered around a character named Mae who toted around a gun in the Southwestern desert I had to read it But had no idea what I was in for incest Manson cult life murder 911 all wrapped up like a daemonic serpent For the most part it works brilliantly I d give the prose a 5 The powerful voice and commanding poetic prose keep you moving forward I just took a few marks off for some plot turns that were not believable to me I think Bell embellished in areas he didn t need to Still this will probably go down as one of the best books I ll have read in 2011 It will for sure spark some interesting conversations

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The Color of Night

Ble abuse of her drift into a cult that committed the most shocking crime of the '60s of her life since then as a feral and wary outsider caught in a swirl of events at once personal political mythic. a dark dream no make that a surreal nightmare protagonist mae works in a vegas casino roams the desert at night with a shotgun and eats beef jerky for breakfast so of course I was all over this rife with graphic scenes of incest murder drug fueled orgies and rape the writing was nonetheless gorgeous poetic a study in noir I was especially interested in how it was crafted weaving past and present incorporating acid trips fantasies and flashbacks of a range of horrors from 911 to the manson murders NOT a book for pussies spare us your shock and horror and simply don t read it not that I m all that much of a badass but I loved it

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What she sees in those images is different from what the rest of us would see She revels in the pure anarchy thrills at the destruction These images recall memories of a childhood marked by unthinka. In lieu of reviewing this book I think I ll simply repost this exchange about it la Siskel and Ebert that I ve lifted from a literary message board elsewhere on the Internet It s far thorough than anything I might attempt on my own COMMENTATOR 1 The Color of Night shares the name of a Bruce Willis movie which is telling since the book proved to be pulp dressed up in fancy pants language and heavy handed symbolism taken from Greek mythology Two of the characters are referred to as D and O and though anyone can easily guess without additional clues that D stands for Dionysus and O for Orpheus the author drives home the point with a sledgehammer at one point for instance having the Orpheus character being told not to look back as he lures away with song his lady love who s called Eerie not Eurydice I have nothing against pulp per se but this book pretends to be something It s trying to be literary and I suppose it succeeds but its embellishments in that way are at odds with its salacious subject matter which can almost be reduced to a high concept pitch as such things are called or anyway used to be called in Hollywood What if two of the Manson killers had eluded capture and were reunited after 911 Like dude that s blowing my mindCOMMENTATOR 2 I respectfully disagree about The Color of Night The writing is breathtakingly good the mythological elements well utilized no one does that any and the link between Manson and 911 not obvious at least not to me Also the D and O while fairly obvious to you and me is met with extreme bafflement by most of humanity as I know firsthand from teaching the book to a class of bewildered undergraduates earlier this semester COMMENTATOR 1 I m not sure what you mean when you say that the writing is breathtakingly good Is it grammatically sound well paced rich in metaphor and so on Sure okay I ll give it that but I wouldn t expect anything less from an author who s been writing as long as Madison Smartt Bell Good writing is a skill the natural result of practice and it drives me crazy as I know it does you when I read sloppy work by someone with enough practice to know better but once it s been established that the work isn t sloppy that it s well crafted something else is needed and that something means the difference between craft and here comes the dreaded word art It would have helped considerably in the instance of The Color of Night if the language had been a better match for the subject Poetic license and all that sure but if this book were music it could only be sung by the likes of Beverly Sills and yet it s set at the acme of what Casey Kasem used to call the Rock Era About the mythological aspect of the book I was reminded of Oliver Stone stating in an interview around the time his Doors movie was released that he associated Jim Morrison with Dionysus or some such I mean that comparison has only been made several million times and I don t think that s an exaggeration just as the sixties in general have been characterized as Dionysian several million times but this book seems to think that s an original thought Which reminded me of something else a review I once read of Jonathan Franzen s The Corrections in which the critic spoke of Franzen s plot device of The Old Chair That Mom Wants To Throw Out But Dad Won t Let Her a device that as the critic accurately remarked has been used in countless sitcoms only Franzen is such a snob one who s apparently never watched a sitcom or if he did he instantly banished it from his superior mind he doesn t realize what a cliche it is Also having someone tell O in this book not to look back or connecting D with wine was like Franzen announcing in The Corrections that St Jude is the patron saint of lost causes Maybe without such an announcement most of humanity would be baffled but is Franzen writing for most of humanity That s not what his style indicates Nor is that indicated with Bell s style here The style is ornate perhaps dictated by the daemons who write his stories for him as he tells us they do in the preface Apparently his daemons are into stories of the ripped from the headlines sort which is fine but it s a little ridiculous to me at least to cite supernatural inspiration when the sources are common knowledge and common is an understatement Any kid on YouTube could put together a Manson 911 mashup Of course to the best of my knowledge no kid has but it s far from impossible and were it to happen I doubt that any claim would be made for responsible daemons I thought the molestation part of the book was effective the most felt and there were details here and there I liked the way the protagonist referred to her mother for instance but the rest was unconvincing and I mean that in the poetic sense in addition to the book s inadeuacy as the potboiler it really is but can t admit to being COMMENTATOR 2 My attention span is so short my time so limited my reading life so daunting the stacks on my desk and nightstand and bookshelves so tall that my resistance to reading anything even something I like and enjoy for reasons artistic literary and fun is impossibly high It s hard for me to finish anything I get bored easily I m like a heroin addict who needs concentrated goodness to replicate the last high Every once in awhile I read a book that blows me away to the point that a I finish it b I ignore my family to do so c I think about it for weeks and longer afterward and d I want to read it again immediately My response might be part emotional part appreciative I don t know but The Color of Night passed the test It s not for all tastes most people I expect will not like it or may even hate it as you seem to from what I know of sales that seems to be the case But wow did it connect with me Is it because I was in New York on 911 That my knowledge of the Manson stuff isn t in depth so the inaccuracies don t stick in my teeth I can t say But I read it loved it read it again recently for class and had the same responseCOMMENTATOR 1 I ve asked myself if I hated The Color of Night but that would be too strong a word though I m sure I gave that impression There were definitely times when I hated it as I was reading but when I came to the end I had to concede that there was merit in the writing despite the many misgivings I ve mentioned and I m sure it s a book I ll continue to think about and possibly who knows something may turn in my head one day so that I ll see it in a different light Don t we all reappraise

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    In case you were wondering the colour of night is DARK Just like this book Dark is a weak word for this novel though this novel that flashes between two of the most heinous times in recent history 911 and the drug fuelled antics of the Manson FamilyThis book admits the author in his short preface is vicious and appalling and thus

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    In Bell's early acks he states that his muses are daemons and that this story is proof He writes that this is the most vicious and appalling story ever to pass through my hand so inevitably some people will hate it I did

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    Based on the other reviews here I kept plugging away at this book waiting for the story to get better but it bored me nearly to death I disliked the main character Mae so strongly that I wanted to read about her abuse but

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    In lieu of reviewing this book I think I’ll simply repost this exchange about it à la Siskel and Ebert that I’ve lift

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    Latter Day BacchaeLas Vegas September 11 2001 Mae is a fifty something blackjack dealer in a minor Las Vegas casino It was a sort of fifth rate hell and I a minor demon posted to it A succubus too indifferent to suck Watching coverage of the flight from Ground Zero she catches sight of her former lover Laurel kneeling on the sidewalk her head thrown back her hands stretched out with the fingers crooked as weapons or in praise Blood was runn

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    The Color of Night is a beautiful haunting and disturbing story which I found fascinating I see it as a character study about a girl'

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    a dark dream no make that a surreal nightmare protagonist mae works in a vegas casino roams the desert at night with a shotgun and eats beef jerky for breakfast so of course I was all over this rife with graphic scenes of incest murder drug fueled orgies and rape the writing was nonetheless gorgeous poetic a study in noir I was especially in

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    There is no way to compare this one to other books of its ilk books told from the point of view of people whose masochistic and sadistic tendencies co mingle to a horrifying whole It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion Perhaps a bad analogy as the book opens with the main character watching the destruction of the Twin Towers and happening upon a clip of an old friend running from the site Her old friend's pose in the brie

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    Wondering around the desert at night with a rifle being possessed by pagan gods ritual sex murder ya’ know feel good summer time stuff I knew this book was up my alley The Color of Night is actually a sophisticated and literate What If sto

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    One of those inexcusable books poorly written and even poorly conceived and the author clearly feels he is being so IN YOUR FACE De

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