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[epub Pdf] A Ladder to the Sky ✓ John Boyne

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He knows he can stop at nothing in pursuit of that high Moving from the Amalfi Coast where he matches wits with Gore Vidal to Manhattan and London Maurice hones his talent for deceit and manipulation preying on the talented and vulnerable in his cold blooded climb to the top But the higher he climbs the further he has to fal. I was a good looking boy and I brought him back to life I may have taken advantage of his good nature but why not I flirted with him made sure that I remained sexually ambiguous at all times Always a possibility but never a certainty I led him on to the point where he was so overwhelmed with desire that I think there was literally nothing he wouldn t have done for me had I asked And then when I got everything I needed from him I wrote What s wrong with that Well a lot but then the world is full of givers and users and sometimes the givers become users and when circumstances become dire enough even users can sometimes become givers We all have users in our life those people who always remind us of how good a friend we are when they need something but when we need something in return suddenly they are not as good a friend as they professed to be Hopefully none of you have a Maurice Swift in your life Other reviewers make comparisons with Patricia Highsmith novels which is spot on but Swift reminds me the most of the main character I d tell you his name but part of the subterfuge of the novel is his identity in A Kiss Before Dying by Ira Levin If you like novels involving sociopaths who are infinitely fascinating because of their ability to walk among us and seem reasonably normal then definitely put the Levin on your reading list Now the uestion becomes as you get to know Swift is he a garden variety sociopath or is he a full out psychopathThe book explores the idea of harm or should I say degrees of inflicted harm Is stealing ideas really wrong Does a man s life story belong to him once he has told it to someone else Is taking a good idea poorly written by another writer and turning it into a much better presented story really immoral After all isn t the idea just lost in bad prose until someone say a Maurice Swift who is a good writer can salvage it for literatureSwift s father is a plumber by trade and the family intends for Maurice to be a plumber as well To them writers only come from well to do families who can afford to give their offspring an Oxford level education There is this great scene that in varying degrees plays out in families all over the world when a child comes to their parents and says I want to be a writer painter dancer or musician Mention any of those professions and it will send a finger of fear down any middle class patriarch s back Swift makes the mistake of mentioning to his father D H Lawrence s modest background before becoming a well respected author as an example that a plumber s son too can become a writer That D H Lawrence only wrote filth replied his father Naked men wrestling with each other and posh pieces having it off with the gamekeeper ueer stuff if you ask me Written for poofters with fancy ideas I ll not have any of it in the house I think Dad might have a flair for writing himself Posh pieces having it off with the gamekeeper It got me all tingly One of my favorite parts of the book is when Maurice Swift as the companion to yet another writer he is using to gain influence in the publishing industry visits Gore Vidal Now Gore appreciates a chiseled pair of buttocks and a rigid muscular stomach as much as the next gay man but he is no one s fool His interactions with Swift are simply marvelous The sexual teasing and charm that Swift has used so effectively on other male writers is of an irritation to Gore who may have seen some of himself in the foppish hair good looks of Swift Of course Gore had been better looking whittier and elegant He felt a sudden desire to anger fuck the boy then toss him over the cliffs into the sea below to watch as his body bounced off the rocks and his bones smashed into a thousand pieces Goodness now there is a frightening view of the mind of an aging man who finds the manipulations of youthful mercenary exuberance to be something to shatter rather than preserve Of course if Swift had been polished and less overtly coldly calculating and had displayed naive charm then maybe he might have had success lowering Gore s defenses If Swift had been born with a creative mind would he have been so feral in his interactions with his mentors his loved ones his proteges If plot ideas were bubbling out of him like an erupting Vesuvius would he have felt so much desperation Is he willing to let himself become psychopath than sociopath I don t think Swift would have ever been very likeable or a model of human behavior but maybe if he had been blessed with an inventive well spring of a mind his impact on those he associates with would be less catastrophic I suppose it s difficult to talk about a work in progress You never know who might steal your ideas There is a reason why writers are careful about discussing plots or letting too many people read their work before it is finished You don t have to know someone like Maurice Swift to feel the need to be careful I remember once in college I was writing some fiction for fun and someone I knew with whom I shared it took all the characters names in my story and used them in a story he was working on It was really WEIRD I kind of laughed it off but at the same time I felt violated like something had been stolen from me He acted like it was no big deal Unbridled ambition can be a positive thing in the lives of those surrounding it or it can be a fast moving car that leaves people it touches crushed bereft and walking down a lonely road watching the taillights disappear over the horizon This is a cautionary tale about the hazards of beauty without substance Do not be fooled I can t really imagine a serious reader or writer who would not like this book Given the numerous points of potential discussion this novel provides it would make a great book club book How far would you go to be successful You may not go as far as Maurice Swift but what degree is acceptable Maybe you will find out things about your book club members you never knew before If you wish to see of my most recent book 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A Ladder to the Sky

Maurice Swift is handsome charming and hungry for success The one thing he doesn't have is talent but he's not about to let a detail like that stand in his way After all a would be writer can find stories anywhere They don't need to be his own Working as a waiter in a West Berlin hotel in 1988 Maurice engineers the perfect o. Everyone has secrets I had remarked There s something in all our pasts that we wouldn t want to be revealed This book was extraordinary I can t think of a appropriate way to put it It s a story made up of fascinating characters amusing literary criticism fantastic dialogue and moments of such terrifying desperation and horror that I sat staring wide eyed at my KindleAnd I wasn t sure about it at first to be honest Books about writers the publishing process and literary criticism are not usually my cup of tea but I fell so deeply in love with Boyne s The Heart s Invisible Furies that I wanted to give this a shot And I am so so glad that I did While A Ladder to the Sky is most definitely a character study it s seemingly uiet nature soon gives way to dark secrets and unbelievable horrors I can t stop thinking about itThe story is built up via a compelling past tense narrative that seems to foreshadow an inevitable doom Each section of the book starts fairly innocuously but through carefully crafted character dynamics something much sinister emerges In the first part of the novel aging author Erich Ackermann becomes enad with a beautiful young man and aspiring writer called Maurice Swift His obsession with Maurice leads him to naivete trusting him with ugly truths from his early life as a gay second degree mischling in Nazi Germany truths which Maurice then uses for his first novel Erich s career is destroyed when he is revealed as the inspiration behind the book while Maurice s takes offAfter a brief interlude which features a meeting between Maurice and Gore Vidal and the witty insights we would expect from him the next section reveals that Maurice is now married This part is narrated by his wife and addressed to you or Maurice an effective choice which is made even effective when we eventually discover the reason whyMaurice is one fascinating character in a sea of fascinating characters here He is an attractive man who uses his looks and careful manipulation to further his ambitions but the uestion is how far is he willing to go for a story ideaIt s really effective how the darker aspects of this story creep into what first seems like a uiet character study about art and writing Boyne explores the fine lines between first love and obsession between competition and jealousy between ambition and fanaticism and he does it all with dashes of the wit and humour I so loved in The Heart s Invisible Furies It is especially interesting how he looks at blame and who deserves to be held accountable for their actions Not just with Maurice but with Erich too Erich is such a complex character old lonely desperate carrying a terrible secret and at a glance his punishment might even seem fitting But is it Are there terrible circumstances which demand exceptions to be made Perhaps In any case it is hard to feel any satisfaction at his downfallIt s just an absolutely captivating book about people and their stories the ones they tell and the ones they don t I MUST read of Boyne s workCW antisemitism rape murder racism homophobiaBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube

REVIEW A Ladder to the Sky

Pportunity a chance encounter with celebrated novelist Erich Ackermann He uickly ingratiates himself with the powerful but desperately lonely older man teasing out of Erich a terrible long held secret about his activities during the war Perfect material for Maurice's first novel Once Maurice has had a taste of literary fame. In the same way Vampires hunger for blood protagonist Maurice Swift hungers for stories John Boyne has created a literary Vampire Swift will trade stories for organisms He s not wired sexually like most men He has no desire for sex with either men or women Sex is just one of his power tools to achieve his needs STORIES Maurice is a writer who can t for the life of him think of a story to write about Yet Maurice is driven obsessed nothing else matters He studies every review of every new book published looking for clues as to how do authors come up with stories As an extremely handsome man which means little to Swift per say he will show off his tight abs as seduction for a story for a juicy secret for a story to steal and make his own Be it an author Maurice admires a wife who can write brilliantly a son who needs his help Maurice will sell out everyone and anyone that gets in his way of success Swift s goals in life were clear from a young age to become a famous writer popular with mainstream readers and highly respected with the literary critics He also wanted to be a father Swift will eventually sell out himself in time too With no storytelling talent of his own Maurice Swift is one of the most famous names in the literary world I still vote The Heart s Invisible Furies best book of 2017 I vote Maurice Swift as the most fascinating character of the year2018 He s toxicdangerouseviland incredibly scrumptiously unavoidably alluring

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    Everyone has secrets I had remarked There’s something in all our pasts that we wouldn’t want to be revealed This book was extraordinary I can't think of a appropriate way to put it It's a story made up of fascinating characters amusing literary criticism fantastic dialogue and moments of such terrifying desperation and horror that I sat staring wide eyed at my KindleAnd I wasn't sure about it at first to be honest Books abou

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    I personally love reading books and straddling that fine line between “loving the book” and “wishing you

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    Masterfully manipulative Cunning Ingenious Exceptional There are times when the sheer cleverness involved with what I’ve just read reuires time to ruminate before some semblance of coherent thought can be strung together So here I sit—two

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    It is a story that is as old as time itself common in our human history and a major source of inspiration for writers producing great literature from the likes of Shakespeare to Patricia Highsmith's Tom Ripley th

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    THIS BOOK WOWED ME Meet Maurice Swift whose single purpose in life is to become a famous novelist Beware Maurice is a story thief He w

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    In the same way Vampires hunger for blood protagonist Maurice Swift hungers for stories John Boyne has created a

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    ”I was a good looking boy and I brought him back to life I may have taken advantage of his good nature but why not? I flir

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    A Ladder to the Sky by John Boyne is a 2018 Hogarth Press publication “And you’ve heard the old proverb about ambition haven’t you?” He shook his head “That it’s like setting a ladder to the sky A pointless waste of energy”Maurice Swift may be one of the most calculating literary characters in recent memory His goal is to be a great writer to win the big literary prize However he has no imagination of his own He can’t outli

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    In evolutionary biology parasitism is a relationship between species where one organism the parasite lives on or in another organism the host causing it some harm and is adapted structurally to this way of life1 Th

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    When you get ready to read a book by an author whose two previous books wound up at the top of your year end best lists and they're truly among some of the best books you've read at least in the last decade you

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