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Albert Reynolds è 5 characters

Allowed a boy from the village of Roosky Co Roscommon to build a ballroom empire with his brother Jim to found a multi million pound company and to make a profound and lasting contribution to Irish politicsAlbert relives a busy political life and the Northern Ireland peace process is thrown into dra.

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Albert Reynolds

Albert Reynolds has led an extraordinary life Now for the first time Ireland's eighth Taoiseach tells his life story from his childhood and first steps as a young businessman to his action filled years in the political arenaIn this revelatory autobiography Albert tells how his dynamic can do approach.

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Matic relief with original contributions from other voices such as John Major Bill Clinton Martin McGuinness and Archbishop Eames with eye opening revelations about secret behind the scenes meetings with key players'Give it as it was; tell it as it is that is me' In his autobiography he does just tha.

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