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Monica Belle [Free Read] The Boss Black Lace

Monica Belle ó 6 SUMMARY

G with Stephen mean choosing between personas and sacrificing so much of her life But then it also appears that Stephen has some very peculiar and addictive ideas about intimacy himself.

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The Boss Black Lace

Felicity is a girl with two different sides to her character each leading two very separate livesThere's Fizz wild child drummer in a retro punk band and car thiefAnd then there's Felic.

CHARACTERS The Boss Black Lace

Ity a uiet polite and ultra efficient office workerBut as her attractive controlling boss takes an interest in her she finds it hard to keep the two parts of her life separate Will bein.

3 thoughts on “The Boss Black Lace

  1. says:

    I actually uite enjoyed this book Until I got to the end of the last chapter which I found to be very disappointing and made me very angry and strangely hurt I really do get into books I actually struggled to forget about the ending and in a way wished I had never started reading the book Considering the book is written b

  2. says:

    Having uite enjoyed one of this author's other books I was looking forward to reading this However after the first few pages I decided that I intensely disliked the main character already and really didn't care what happened to her So with so many books to read and so little time this one is travelling on without further ado

  3. says:

    i didnt really like how long winded this book was in a short period of time even though the flirting and the sex was good to a point but i also give the author credit for this book

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