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Interdisciplinary vision It also defines and places communication studies within a larger field of intellectual inuiry with its own dynamic as an integrating concept a goal that Interactions well accomplishes Interactions may be viewed in fact as a critical intellectual history of the 20th century through the lens of media communication and popular culture and in relation to the role of the individual on the cusp of a new millenni.

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Enriched by critical theory and the insights of cultural studies and rooted in the power of historical explanation this collection of classic and new essays contributes to the theory and practice of critical studies in communication media and journalism The volume helps develop alternative ways of thinking about communication and media practices at a time when the conditions of communication participation and democracy are threate.

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Ned by commercial and political interests It is grounded in a critical theory of the media that addresses the potential of liberating individuals consumers as well as newsworkers by challenging their traditional roles in the hegemonic relationship of media and society The culture of communication constitutes an arena of practices with its own knowledge that bridges traditional academic disciplines and demonstrates the power of an.

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