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[The Ninety Days of Genevieve [BOOK] Free download Ebook ↠ Lucinda Carrington – eBook or Kindle ePUB

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To a world of sexual challenge she must learn how to balance her career with the world of fetishis. It s so funny because he pretended to be an asshole I mean what LOL

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The Ninety Days of Genevieve

S Sinclair and she soon finds herself the star of a series of kinky and erotic fantasies Thrown in. DNFSmutty and erotic but H seemed too much of a caricature I didn t care either way about a HEA

free read The Ninety Days of Genevieve

Genevieve didn't have a 90 day sex contract in mind when she began business negotiations with Jame. I promised not to read any of that romanceerotica crap but I guess I m not that good with promises Saw this one at the bookstore always been a fan of nude photography the cover of Latvian edition so it got me hooked I read the cover synopsis realized I ve got to give this one a try I wasn t disappointedIf you re reading Genevieve for hot sex thumbs up it s good open minded almost like an imaginative soft pornography actually dish the soft it is pornography but very enjoyable Plot Not so great OK at its worst it was still better than 50 shades From the point of view of fetish it gives a better perspective on things and leaves a good aftertaste and I m kind of curios to find out what s my kind of kinky Contrary 50 shades Ninety days for Genevieve doesn t judge or suggest any wrongness in one s desires its the opposite it encourages you to experimentWhat was uestionable heroine s moral stand She was willing to have sex and what not with a stranger just for the sake of job Ok he s sexy and cute but still It turned out for them alright but imagine if the initial mutual appeal wasn t there would she do the same thing Opening up and liberating your inner self I approve Whoring for money and career not so much

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    Review from Way Too Hot Books Mr Gray you got served According to Goodreads The Ninety Days of Genevieve was first published in 1996 I tried to check that out but I didn't manage to find any details about 1996 ed

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    Initial reaction I actually didn't realize this novel went back as far as it did for publishing and that it's actually a re pub but my biggest issue was how static the characters seemed despite some purportedly steamy scenes alongside problematic scenes that just made my skin crawl despite reading it from a distant eye I

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    I pr

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    DNFSmutty and erotic but H seemed too much of a caricature I didn't care either way about a HEA

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    ARC received on behalf of Harleuin from NetGalley25 ish starsGenevieve is a woman willing to do anything for her career So when James Sinclair might be interested in moving his accounts to her firm she's ready to do just about anything to get his signature on those contracts But James isn't interested in Genevieve for her professional savy he wants to explore her sexual nature; a side of her that he knows is there but a side that she's yet

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    Hmm this book sure is different from all those 'Fifty Shades like' books out there You really need to be open minded to be able to read this book Genevieve wants nothing then James Sinclair's signature at the bottum of a contract of the firm she works for James on the other hand has one little favor to ask of Genevieve before he s

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    Oh My GOD Save yourself Save the time you would spend reading on this and Save the money you would spend I am a very open minded person Ive read nearly all the BDSM books and eroticromance out there but this just was at the bottom of them all Ive read even the free books and we all know the free books we can get online from are usually crappy but they were better then this book

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    It's so funny because he pretended to be an asshole I mean what? LOL

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    Let me start by saying that this book is an Erotica and a strictly 18 readThe story is of Genevieve a successful advertisi

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    I enjoyed reading this book i liked the fact the the lead character was ambitious and willing to do anything to further her career and if spending 90 days with a hot rich guy then so be itTheres alot of sex scenes in this book but what i liked the most was the love story element of the book as im a sucker for ro

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